As it was 2020

Returned to Germany from working on a story in Algeria on the 12th of March. Two days later it seemed our world collapsed and came under lockdown because of the Corona virus. In most countries there was a total shutdown other than in Germany.

Here we had the chance to walk around under regulations. I got the feeling to better stop watching the news and instead do some work. I started to photograph in Frankfurt, hoped to get an opportunity to get access to and to take pictures in clinics to report on the situation on site, but there was no. So I took a lot of pictures on the street and I found scary, sad but also funny and beautiful situations there.

For example one day I saw a tree close to my home hung with lots of toilet paper while there was no toilet paper available in the stores. Or a fence full of food for the homeless while people were shopping groceries in another street nearby. It is always our own decision to see something beautiful in difficult situations. The whole face of the city changed like the faces of the people – some started to wear masks which made them
look like cartoon characters. People become very creative out of their fear. Then I playfully started to create a visual diary with personal thoughts about myself and the situation each day.

This little idea resulted in a small book with words and photographs and paintings, to complete what I couldn’t capture else. So my feelings even became paintings. The realities shifted during this time, I couldn’t tell what was real and what I imagined through news and my work. My Corona diary became a multi visual text and picture based object about me handling the situation I have been in. I hope that we all decide to see and share more positive things, even in difficult and unpleasant situations.
Frankfurt Airport,

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